Playing with Streams

The One Line Solution

Hi! Guyz, I just amazed by a example during my learning of java8 stream API let me tell you.
Earlier if I have a list of objects and I want them to be filtered and made groups of no of objects on basis of some property of Object. I used to follow the approach shown below and now I started using new approach which is also shown below.

public class Task{

private String status;
private Integer point;

public Task(String status,Integer point){
   this.status = status;
   this.point = point;

//getter  & setter

And collection of Tasks. And I want to Group all Task on the basis of status.

Earlier Approach:

List<Task> tasks = Arrays.asList(
   new Task("OPEN",10),new Task("CLOSED",20)........)
Map<String,List<Task>> earlier = new HashMap<String,<List<Task>>>();
for(Task task : tasks){
    List<Task> tasks = earlier.get(task.getStatus());
      tasks = new ArrayList<Task>();

New Approach using Stream API:

Map<String,List<Tasks>> newMap = tasks

Thats It! It is done.

If you are also doing same as old. Here is new way adapt it now 🙂 .


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