• Linear Search
    • Sequential search value in array | O(n)
  • Binary Search
    • Sequential Searching sorted array
    • Find middle element if required element is more than middle then go to right arr and so on.
    • O(nlogn)
  • Jump Search
    • Jump fixed no of steps
    • If required no is less than new step ele do linear search from previous step
    • Time Complexity O(√n)
    • BS is better but we have to traverse once only
    • Step size is √n
  • Interpolation Search
    • Improvement over binary search
    • If element is closer to lower start from lower end and if closer to higher start from hi index | TC : O(loglogn)
  • Exponential Search
    • Find range in which element lie then do binary search over that O(logn)
    • Start with arr of 1 => 2=>4 till last ele is not greater than current.

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