Linear Data Structure

Array: Store homogenous elements. Store in contiguous locations. Fixed size not dynamic. Complexities Accessing O(1) Insertion and deletion O(n) worst case Searching O(n) sequential | O(nlogn) is sorted LinkedList Every entry is an object store data and reference of next object. Single LL Every node store reference of next node and last node NULL. Double... Continue Reading →



Collection: Consistent API Reducing programmer efforts Increase Speed and quality Iterators: Retrieve elements one by one Types of Iterators Enumeration Interface used get elements of legacy collections (vector, hashtable) Remove operation cannot be performed Only forward direction is possible Iterator Can be used all collections types Support remove operation Cannot support adding new or replacing... Continue Reading →

Java Basics

Class : User defined blueprint or prototype for which objects are created. It contain properties or methods for all objects. <<access_modifier>> <<keywords>> <<class_name>> extends implements  { /************ * * Sample Class structure * ******/ } Constructor used to create new objects Fields/Properties provide state Methods manipulate state of object Type of classes: Inner Class :... Continue Reading →

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